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Q: What are the major procedures for becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant?

A: Acquiring IBCLC certification requires each candidate to meet criteria in three different areas: basic health science education; 90 hours of lactation-specific education and 1,000 hours of lactation-specific clinical hours; and working with mothers and breastfeeding babies. The exam is offered annually, around the world in over 50 countries. The pass rate fluctuates each year between 78 and 85 percent. The cost of taking the exam varies between countries. In the US, the cost of the exam is $660. In China, it is $400.

Do medical professionals provide breastfeeding training for new mothers who have just given birth in your hospital? What are the problems they usually encounter?

BJU achieved "Baby Friendly" accreditation by the World Health Organization and China"s Ministry of Health in 2013. Our nurses and medical staff are trained to promote, teach and support mothers and babies to breastfeed. It also has a certified (IBCLC) consultant on staff to provide general support and education to all pregnant and postpartum mothers.

The most common issues seen on a daily basis are sore nipples and incorrect lactation. Many new mothers are also concerned that they don"t have enough breast milk and that their baby is hungry.

Will most mothers in the US turn to consultants if they encounter any problems? What is the average cost?

There are more than 30,000 people with IBCLC certificates worldwide, with the US accounting for more than 50 percent.

The cost depends on how committed the mother is to breastfeeding and also her financial situation if she seeks professional help and support from an IBCLC. The average cost to see an IBCLC in the US ranges from $200 to $400 per visit. The cost at BJU is 500 yuan ($78).

Do Chinese mothers experience breastfeeding problems that are different to those in the US?

The overall breastfeeding rates and desire to breastfeed in general have significantly increased among our Chinese patients over the past several years in our hospital. Previously, mothers were hesitant to be "naked" and skin to skin with their babies because they thought their babies would get cold. Others believed that colostrum (the first type of milk produced by the mammary glands) and breast milk would not be enough, and many were feeding their babies additional formula and water.

We have a fair number of family members and grandparents who believe formula is better for the baby and it allows baby and mother to sleep and get more rest. But we are trying to educate mothers and their supporting family members about what is normal and expected, and most important, how to help a new mother succeed in breastfeeding.